It’s Time for a Reckoning

Sometimes at dusk, I look at the sky and I feel a sense of reckoning. If I position my awareness just right, I become balanced between the unfathomable grandness and the relative insignificance of the moment. If I can see the horizon, I can get a sense for the curvature of the earth. As the stars begin to peak through our atmosphere, I get a taste of the size of the universe. I can almost feel the thrumming humanity all around me, everyone all going about the chaos of their days; going about their lives.

The Worship of Regret

  In the pantheon of negative emotions, regret is the most revered of all by mere mortals. Anger, fear and even grief are flashier and more noticeable because of their intensity. We give them their due when our lives demand it, but regret is a stone that is never set down. It is a slow burn... Continue Reading →

The Undeniable Power of The Story

  Nothing great ever happened without a compelling story powering it. Think of the famous men and women of our history. They accomplished great and sometimes terrible things but they are remembered not because of what they did but because their stories were told. The collected details of their lives merge together in the telling... Continue Reading →

Cold and Timid Souls

Before we were graced with the phrase “haters gonna hate,” Theodore Roosevelt put it a little more eloquently in the oft-quoted Man in the Arena section of his Citizenship in A Republic speech. In it, he tells us that it is not the critic that matters, but rather the person who is actually striving to... Continue Reading →

Parenting: Don’t Worry, It’s Only Forever

  Parents love regaling non-parents with stories or pictures of their children. Which is annoying to non-parents. I know, because I annoy myself when I’m doing these things except that bragging about our brilliant children is how parents explain to non-parents how it’s totally okay that we can never sleep in on a weekend ever... Continue Reading →

Beyond Grief the Genie Awaits

  Grief is a hell of a thing. There’s an immediate sharpness that strikes you all at once, but it also persists in the slow burn of a lifetime. Grief is like an old friend who refuses to be ignored—he shows up every now and then and eats all your food, gets you drunk, and... Continue Reading →

The Wonder Found in Coffee

The Little Things that Make a Marriage   My wife makes amazing coffee. She takes it seriously. She swears she can taste a difference between the beans from the place in the city versus the ones I get in our hometown, even though they are merely different locations of the same small business. This is... Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Close That Door on my Head

Why Working Parents Need Meditation   “‘Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.’ And he says, ‘Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.’ So, I got that going for me. Which is nice.” -Caddyshack Meditation... Continue Reading →

The Patriarch Problem

Or... I have a REAL problem with fatherhood. Or, more accurately, I have a problem with society’s perception of fatherhood. We fathers are seen at best as earnest but irrelevant sidekicks. Not Patriarchs. We’re either goofy assholes, controlling assholes or uninvolved assholes. There is no fourth choice. Yeah, I get it - boo hoo, the... Continue Reading →

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